2011 was a great year in

music. In fact, I feel it is one of the best years in a while for music.  Especially for the hip-hop world!  That independent spirit has never been

greater. The rock world had a lot of big songs this year as well.   I’m excited about this list, and I hope you are too!

11.) Rebecca Black

“Friday” – Way cooler than ICE CUBE’s Movie Series of the same name. I finally learned that tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes after…wards. I don’t want this song to end. This is the

most watched viral video of the year. So, she is racking up that Adsense cash! She is the future hands down! Did your favorite artist have more views than

her this year? I didn’t think so! Makes me look foward to Fridays…every Friday. You know I’m in my room with a Virgin Daiquiri singing my butt off!

10.) Lil B “Wonton Soup” – Genius, just genius. This was a warm up before his album called “I’m Gay”, which should’ve gone multi-platinum, instead

of the 1700 copies it sold the first week out in stores. I mean, I am disappointed in the millions…and MILLIONS of Based God fans. I bought the album

“I’m Gay” before it became available for free. So take that you freeloaders! By the way, he’s no Adam Lambert or Ricky Martin, the Based God is “HAPPY”.

Hands down he is the best new rapper this year…SWAG! I’ll say it again because I like to…SWAG.

9.) Kim Kardashian – “Jam”  Her music career

will last WAY longer than her marriage did this year!  Turn it up and enjoy.  I know I did. She’ll be performing at the Super Bowl in 30 years for sure. 

The age limit will probably be 65 by then for performers. This is the true on screen performance of her life, not the flick with Ray-J. I want to hear this

song live! How dare the Grammy’s give all those nominations to Adele…I’m team Kim all the way!  I cannot wait until her greatest hits album gets


Okay, that isn’t the real list. My mom taught me the

days of the week when I was 3 years old, but Rebecca Black reinforced what my mom taught me.  As far as Rebecca Black herself…I feel bad for her,

actually. Hopefully she won’t be a drug addict in a few years. Will this song be the new form of “Rickrolling”? It’s proof that ANYONE can make it.

never thought a soup song would be any worse than “Chicken Noodle Soup” (Yes, “Friday” is actually marginally better than this song), but I think I found

one. I’ll be my own Soup Nazi. No soup for me.  I could drop a whole rap album ten times better than this clown, and I don’t even rap!  Thankfully some

real hip-hop did well this year.  Lil B is inspiration for every aspiring rapper, because it pretty much isn’t about skill!  I think I jammed my mute

button after hearing the “Jam” song this year.  While, Kim is undoubtably easy on the eyes, the same cannot be said for my poor ears after hearing that

song, however.  I have at least three songs I will play for my future kids when they get grounded.  I will put them in a room where there is nothing but a

speaker blasting these hits!

You’ll get the real list…tomorrow!